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Well, hello to you, dear friend from a distant land,

I'm Ely (Elisa, Ellie, El, E, Elizabeth, please, do call me as you like) and I'm a fanfiction author, reader and reviewer. But you must already know that if you're here. Am I correct?

But I know what you want to know, and I can tell you straight away that this Livejournal is definitely NOT friends-locked. But you also need to know that I post remarkably little about my private life, so if you're a stalker you'll be incredibly disappointed. Sorry for that.

You can add me to your friends, no need to ask permission, but don't get angry if I don't friend you back. That might be because a) your Livejournal is empty, b) I don't know who you are or c) I didn't get a notification for the friending.

Ah, notifications..

Notifications are a biatch on this website for me! I don't get notifications most of the times that I'm mentioned in a post or in a comment, and for some friendings as well. I do get notifications for PM's and comments, though, so that's the best way to contact me.

Another thing you need to know, as for the beginning of 2015, I am slowly sliding into fandom hiatus. Not just writing, but reading and reviewing as well. I'm losing interest again: everything I write (and I can't write much at all lately) is terrible, my betas are MIA most of the time and I have at least ten unfinished stories on my laptop. This is my fandom life: 2003 - 2008 alive, 2009 - 2012 dead, 2013 - 2014 alive, 2015 - now.. probably dead. So yep, sorry in advance if you write my name somewhere and I don't reply to you, I just didn't see it and stopped checking Livejournal. But that could be an advantage if you want to bitch about me. I'll never find out!

If you love me beyond reason (or just a tinsy bit) and you want to do something for me, the magic words are: Lily/Hugo. ANYTHING with those two makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. A multi-chaptered novel-length saga, a one-shot, a ficlet, a drabble, a drawble, a sketch, a painting, a rec, a video, a podfic, anything will just make my day much, much brighter and will make me love you for ever and ever. Solemnly swear.

Anyway, happy browsing!

AO3 Stats Memes: no... comments?

I've seen these AO3 stats memes popping up in my flist for a couple of days now, and I'm sorry if I haven't commented on each one of them. It doesn't mean that I don't like them or feel the urge to snob them, just that I've been rather busy with my betas, translations for the OTW October Drive, helping out crack_broom with tidying up their archive, and what else? Oh yes.. real life.. Ugh.

I do have some thoughts on them (personal thoughts, please, I'm not trying to impose my point of view on any of you), though, and I am also rather curious to know why you'd post them in that way (and I don't mean the top five thingy):

Thoughts..Collapse )
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Fandom Life

I'm very excited, today! So excited that I feel the urge to write a post on Livejournal! Wow! Well, they did say it was going to rain, today.. (That's an Italian saying that I'm not sure it's world-wide understood, but when something unexpected happens we say, "Oh! It's going to rain".)

So, the wonderful [archiveofourown.org profile] EssayOfThoughts posted an entry in their blog, [tumblr.com profile] The Monster Blog of Monsters, about a story of mine! Well, it's not exactly about a story of mine, but they got inspiration from my fan-fiction to write the entry! The story at issue is [archiveofourown.org profile] 'The Golden Orchid', an M-rated, 20-chapter-fic on Lily/Scorpius, sequel to another fan-fic I wrote last year. They did a wonderful job with it, and I am so honoured that I felt the urge to let you all know! If you're curious, you can find the entry here, it is most definitely about a plant called 'Golden Orchid', in case you were wondering - their blog is an encyclopaedia of headcanon magical creatures that might fit in the Harry Potter universe.

So, there's that.

Also, I'm loving the fic I'm writing for alisanne for fandomaid ! (It's okay if I write this, right? I mean, I'm not going to spoil anything at all, but it's okay if I say that I love it, right?) The only thing I'm slightly concerned about is the word count, which is sky-rocketing at the moment.. Will see if I can cut something off while editing it, but (alas!) I usually add stuff when I edit.

That's all, folks! Hope you're all having a great August!

PS--Alright, yes, there's another little fandom thingy that I wanted to tell you, but I'll wait because I have no idea what to do with it, yet.
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International Fanworks Day Drabble Challenge Recs


Hope you had a nice day (or are still having, depends on your time zone, I guess), maybe browsing the hundreds of works posted on the Archive and tagged "International Fanworks Day 2015"! I did, and here are the ones that caught my eye, listed here for your reading pleasure, my dear friends:
(Severus Snape/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, M, 101)
Snape has a dirty little secret and gets busted by McGonagall.
(Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, G, 102)
Ginny catches Harry reading fanfic which she's never heard of.
(Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley, G, 100)
Harry talks about his ordeal with Quirrel and Voldemort.
(Harry Potter & Draco Malfoy, G, 100)
Drabble about Harry and Draco finally agreeing on something.
(Rose Tyler & Tenth Doctor, G, 113)
"Why am I going to cosplay Barty Crouch Jr.? Why can't I cosplay Harry Potter?" "That's because you have 'le phisique du role'. And don't ask me to say anything else in French."
(Albus Dumbledore & Gandalf, G, 100)
Turns out palantíri have more than one channel.
(Albus Severus Potter & Scorpius Malfoy, 98, G)
As usual, Potter is to blame for Malfoy's headache.

And I participated too! I wrote The New Cousin.
(All the Weasley and Potter cousins and Teddy, G, 100)
Auntie Ginny just had a little girl, her cousins fangirl over her.

Which was stupidly difficult for me; I definitely don't know how to be brief. Thank you to torino10154 and Alice Helena for the beta work and support.

Again, hope you had a nice day, celebrating fandom and fanworks. For now, happy reading!
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International Fanworks Day Drabble Challenge!

Wow, look at me, posting two entries in one day..

This is something that I've waited to pimp since when I traslated the news post for the OTW (which happened last week probably). AO3 is pretty darn awesome, isn't it? It does feel a bit like home, right? So, even if I don't feel particularly inclined to write at the moment I think I'll participate - or try to, considering that it's a Drabble Challenge (bless them, they think they are making things easy with 100 words, well, not for me!) - to their International Fanworks Day Drabble Challenge!

All you have to do is post a 100-word-drabble, or a drawble, a short vid, an audio work or other format, on February 15th, and tag it with the archive tag: International Fanworks Day 2015. And if it's not something pervy they're going to signal boost it!

Well, I'll try really hard, I have a month, I might even succeed into writing something decent.. Happy writing, Flist!
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Thank you!

Oh. My. Word.

The story I wrote for samhain_smut (Let the Ritual Begin) got first place, along with another story, for Best Het Smut Fic at the Fall/Winter 2014 Round of the Weasley-Prewett Love over at hpfanficfanpoll . How the freaking hell did that happen? I didn't thank the lovely and mysterious person who nominated my fic, because I only noticed that it has been nominated when I went to vote, but thank you, mysterious person! The nomination made my day and now... look at that banner under the cut!! Isn't it gorgeous?! (All the banners are, tbh.)

Awesome BannerCollapse )
And thank you to whoever voted for it! I am really surprised that this story got nominated and voted for. Honestly, how did that happen? When I first went to see if any of my stories had been nominated for anything at all, instead of searching for my name I went to search for the title of another story of mine (I Dream of Painting (and then I Paint My Dream)) and that's how I missed the nomination the first time I looked. I don't want anybody to think that I'm ungrateful, though, and thus, this is my THANK YOU post. But seriously though, how did that happen?

Congratulations to all the other winners and nominees. What a lovely way to start 2015, isn't it?
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Smutty Claus Rec

Reveals happened yesterday at smutty_claus , I can't believe that another fest is over, the last fest I participated to in 2014. And the last one I'll participate to for quite a while. Something went terribly wrong for me during this fest, nightfalltwen gave me the best-est giftee I could hope for, and still... writing for this fest was really hard for me, and I have no clue why. I came to the conclusion that I cannot write Rose/Scorpius, and that's at the same time heartbreaking and ridiculous, since they are my next-gen OTP. I can only write Lily/Scorpius. Why, oh why?

Anyway, despite my ridiculous story - I cannot apologise enough to my giftee, drcjsnider - I got the best present ever. And I just want to dedicate this whole post to it.

The wonderful cryptaknight wrote A Likeness in Our Destiny for me
(Teddy/Victoire, R, 12,560)
Victoire has never been anything but a pest to Teddy. So why can't he get her off his mind?

I've already gushed over this story on smutty_claus , on AO3 and on crack_broom . But I feel the urge to flail a little on my Livejournal as well. This story deserves all the reccomendations and love that I can give it. Because... you know what's great about this piece? (Apart from the fact that the plot is wonderful, the characters are incredibly well fleshed out, the writing is flawless and the story has all sort of feelings.) Well, everything is great about this piece! It features a young adult kind of romance between two wonderful, fun, very real, very relatable characters. There's no cheesiness and no drama, only a wonderful, slow-built, sweet, fun, romantic relationship. There are exotic places - Paris (alright, Paris is not exactly exotic, but it's cool nonetheless..) and Mexico -, there is Christmas - and Halloween, el Dia de los Muertos, Easter - and there's family and friends. There are references to Jane Austen's Emma and there's amazing dialogue, there's a sweet, wonderful sexy scene and there's a great great great ending - which is perfect for the greatness of the beginning and the middle. It is simply perfect. There's everything you want in a story and more.

You - yes, you - need to go and read this. And give the author all your love and support. Right now. Go! Now!

That said, I wrote In Vino Veritas, but I hardly think you should go and read it at all. LOL.

Mini Fest Recs

Aaaand mini_fest has come to an end too! Reveals just happened and I have to admit, I've never seen a fest with more entries than this one! Alright, maybe I don't participate to that many fests - I have this past year though! - but this looked like a very long and very prosperous fest, wasn't it?

I have some recs for my lovely FList. I swear they are extremely good! (And look at the ratings! They are all - and I mean it - work safe! It's a Christmas Miracle!)
(Fred/Myrtle, PG, 800)
It's New Year's Eve, and Myrtle is bored.

This is the second story about Myrtle that I've recently read and loved. And whilst Myrtle is absolutely lovely as the poor, never-been-kissed dead girl, Fred is equally wonderful if not even more fantastic as the newly appointed ghostly troublemaker of Hogwarts. The romance is barely there, but it's so unexpected and wonderful and very believable and you won't be able not to fall in love with Fred as he acts all... well, all Fred with Myrtle! A sweet and short ficlet for your utter delight!(Gen, PG-13, 1,230)
It was their first Christmas without Father, and their last as a family.

I usually don't read stories about the Black sisters, I'm not exactly one for dark characters in the Harry Potter universe, if anything that's because J.K. Rowling's villains are a bit one-dimensional, in my humble opinion. That said, these characters are anything but in this story. The three sisters and their mother are all very real and very deep characters and the story is heartbreaking and absolutely lovely, showing how they spent their last Christmas together as a family. A wonderful read, but if you're anything like me, keep your kleenex box nearby. I mean it.
(James/Lily Potter, Alice/Frank Longbottom, Lucius/Narcissa Malfoy, Molly/Arthur Weasley, PG, 2,965)
Christmas Eve in the Wizarding World takes on a different tone in various houses.

This is a wonderful mix of short scenes about the old-generation of wizards and witches celebrating Christmas in different ways the year before Voldemort tries to kill Harry. It's sweet and seeing all these characters with their children will make your heart swell - even more so when you think that this is going to be the last Christmas for some of them. Perfectly canon and beautifully written, I swear you won't regret it if you give it a try.

I participated too! I wrote Granny's Little Helper (now on AO3 and on FanFiction.Net too!).
(Lily Luna and Grandma Molly, G, 8,800)
On Christmas Eve, Molly is on a mince pie baking spree, this year though she has a very special little helper.

I usually don't particularly care for real kids, but I have a soft spot for writing Harry Potter's toddlers (especially Lily). This story is from the same universe (or time-frame is more accurate) of another story of mine, called Of Chocolate Cauldrons and Birthday Wishes (you can find it on AO3 and on FanFiction.Net).
(Scorpius/Lily, G, 4,600)
It's not Scorpius' fault if his father told him that he can have everything he wants. The little redhead girl just happens to be what he wants the most. Well, her and the Chocolate Cauldrons...

Anyway, the mini_fest 's masterlist is up, and there's so much to read that I'm sure you'll find something of your liking! Thank you to the mods for the wonderful fest! It was low-stress and very christmassy!

Happy New Year, FList! xx
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Interhouse Recs

interhouse_fest came to an end! Wow, so many lovely works and so many talented writers, and I can't stress enough how happy I was to see so much next-gen love. Thank you to the lovely mods who made this fest absolutely stress-free. Now, without further ado, here's what I think you should read:
(Theodore/Rose, NC-17, 5,050)
Rose is captivated by the new Arithmancy professor, Theodore Nott. So much so that all warnings of Slytherins disappear on the wind.

This story is fabulous, absolutely fabulous. I mean, if you like cross-gen with next-gen, this story is absolutely perfection for you as it was for me. Little Ravenclaw Rose (don't you fear though she's just above the age of consent) has a big crush on her Arithmancy Professor, and I guess it's a relief to know that he might be returning her feelings.. The story is beautifully written, and despite being so short it actually isn't a PWP, it has a plot and even the secondary characters are wonderfully fleshed out. The best thing is the sex scene, though, and I don't want to spoil anything, but bloody hell, I enjoyed it more than I should have. It was remarkably well-written and incredibly hot. This story deserves to be read.
(Charlie/Rose, Multiple Pairings, NC-17, 4,256, Explicit het sex, Incest, Explicit profanity, Voyeurism)
Rose loves to watch people get into all sorts of trouble, and spying on Uncle Charlie has opened her mind up to all sorts of perfectly wicked possibilities.

This is a masterpiece. I cannot find another word to describe it. It just simply is a masterpiece and it deserves your time and your unconditional love. This mesmerising story is narrated by a Rose who is the embodiment of Slytherinism, and she is the perfect collector of other people's secrets, as she defines herself. Through her eyes we are testimony to Charlie's escapades with no less than three witches (there are surely many more than we don't know about though) and through her incredibly raw and poetic writing we're brought into her cold and at the same time extremely sensual world, where she is the observer and the one who pines for what she is sure only her uncle can give her. This story is fantastic, it is written wonderfully and you are going to regret if you don't read it. I just know it.(Charlie/Tonks, PG-13, 2,700, Adolescent boy obsession with breasts and bums, punching)
When Charlie Weasley accuses Nymphadora Tonks of cheating during a Quidditch game, he has no idea of what he's about to set in motion.

This was so much fun to read! I truly loved it, and it was a super bonus that it contained one my favourite ships in one of my favourite time-frames: Charlie and Tonks while back at school. It's a sort of pre-relationship snippet that shows a really badass Tonks punching the Quidditch capitain of the adversary team after he accused her of cheating. They are both given detention - a real kind of detention, not that kind of detention, you pervs! - and even McGonagall notices that there's something going on with the teenaged boy... The little appearance of Percy (the bane of Charlie's existence) makes the story even more enjoyable and Professor McGonagall is fantastic in this. The story is in Charlie's perspective and he is hilarious! It's definitely worth a read!(Sirius/Narcissa, R, 2,600, Sexual Situations)
Shh. Just listen.

This is such a delight for the eyes and for the ears, because on top of being a wonderful little love story, the author has also added her own mix of songs to give the perfect atmosphere to the fic. It's heartbreakingly beautiful and beautifully written, Sirius and Narcissa are lovely as the cousins who find solance in each other's arms, and the story will take away your breath and made your heart swell. It's definitely worth your time, you have to go and read it right now. I promise you won't regret it.

I wrote something too! My story was Little Red and the Big, Bad Wolves (now also on AO3 and on Fanfiction.Net)
(Lily/Scorpius, NC-17, 27,000, Blood, Explicit Sexual Situations)
When Scorpius is asked to protect the Head Auror's daughter, the last thing he expected was to fall in love with her… or to find himself in the middle of a war, really.

The masterlist is up too, so you better have a look in case you missed something you might have liked, right? Happy reading!

Advent Prompt-a-Thon!

Hulabalala!! Whatever I write here you're just not going to read it because you're too busy looking at this Santa. But before I leave you to him... Advent Prompt-a-thon, hp_het_taboo , from today to Jan 1st. Get yourself over there!! I can't wait to see what you come up with!! :D